Museum Passes

Museum Pass Guidelines

Our Museum Passes Program is still operational. At the moment, only The Aviation Hall of Fame and Storm King are open to the public. These museums have special policies and procedures for entry. If you are a Montvale resident over 18 years of age with a valid library card and you want a pass to either of these museums, please email or call 201-391-5090 and ask for George.

Please note that the American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Liberty Science Center and The New York Historical Society plan to reopen to the public soon. We will keep you updated as new museum passes again become available.

Museum Pass Descriptions and Replacement Charges

American Museum of Natural History (closed)

Description: Provides one general admission plus one exhibit or show.

Replacement Charge: n/a

American Museum of Natural History will reopen to the public on Sept. 9th

Aviation Hall of Fame (open)

Description: Free admission for up to 4 people, includes special events.

Replacement Charge: $200

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (open)

Description: Free admission for 2 adults and all accompanying children.

Replacement Charge: $62.50

Guggenheim Museum (closed)

Description: Provides admission for four adults/student, plus $5.00 admission for a maximum of two additional guests.

Children under 12 are free.

Replacement Charge: $250.00

Liberty Science Center (closed)

Description: No pass necessary! $3 discount if you bring your Montvale Library card . Good for cardholder only. 

Liberty Science Center will reopen to the public on September 5th

New York Historical Society (closed)

Description: Provides admission to two adults and two children.

Replacement Charge: $160.00

New York Historical Society will reopen on September 11th

Storm King Art Center (open)

Provides admission for two adults and any children from the same household.

Replacement Charge: $125.00

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