Adult Book Clubs

The Library currently sponsors two book discussion groups,

held on Monday morning and Monday afternoon.


The Monday morning book group meets at 10:30 A.M. on the last Monday of every month.  Meetings are held in the Library's staff room.  

[There are still openings in this Book Group.]


The Monday afternoon group meets at 12:00 noon on the second Monday of every month.  Meetings are held in Conference Room #1,

upstairs in the Municipal Complex.  

[There are now new openings in this Book Group.]

To see a schedule of which books will be read and discussed,

click on Monday morning or Monday afternoon.

To join the Monday morning or the Monday afternoon book group, please call Lorissa Lightman at 201-391-5090 or e-mail her at and provide the following information:  your name, telephone number, and BCCLS Library barcode number.





As of October 2017, a new book club

"The Cookbook Book Club" has been formed and meets

on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.

(Unless other wise noted.)  

Each member reads the preselected book of the month

and prepares one recipe to bring to the meeting for

tasting.  A book discussion follows about all aspects of

the cook book.  The meeting is held in the

Children's Library in the activity room.  This book group

is currently closed but there is wait list availability. 


Past meetings were held on...


Tuesday, November 12th at 6:30pm

Book-  The Make-Ahead Cook

Monday, December 9th at 6:30pm

Book-  American Cookie by Anna Byrne

Monday, January 13th at 6:30pm

Book- The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book













For further information,

please contact Therese Jones, Reference, on

Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm at 201-391-5090 or




Purpose of Book Discussion Groups:

  • To promote the use of the library by providing a forum to discuss books.

  • To promote the use of the library by providing discussion materials such as reviews, biographical material, and critical essays about the authors and their works.

  • To promote the use of the library's collection through the sharing of books other than those which are the focus of the group.

  • To provide a social environment for library patrons to meet each other and form community ties.

  • To enrich patrons' reading experiences.

The library will:

  • Provide a meeting room.

  • Obtain free copies of selected books for members who possess a valid resident BCCLS library card.  Members may choose to purchase their own copies.

  • Provide reviews, biographical material, and critical essays about the authors and their works.

  • Coordinate scheduling and book ordering.

  • Promote the group through press releases, posters, and a page on the library's website.


  • Membership is open to adults (18 years and older) who possess a valid resident BCCLS library card.  Books will be ordered from other libraries in advance of each meeting and will be charged to each member's library card.

  • Adults that do not possess a valid resident BCCLS library card may join; however, these participants are responsible for obtaining copies of the books to be discussed.

Group rules:

  • Members will take turns leading discussions.

  • To participate fully in any discussion a member must have read the book.

  • Those who have not read the book may attend meetings but must refrain from comment.

  • It is expected that each member at some time will dislike a selected title or find some offense at its content.  This is an adult group.  Members may debate the merits of a specific work if they have read the book.

  • Titles will be chosen by the members.  Determination is by simple majority.  Members are encouraged to bring their own title suggestions to the attention of the group.

  • Titles must be available throughout BCCLS in sufficient quantity for consideration.  Current bestsellers cannot be ordered from other libraries.

Click on the video for Therese's recommendations for cookbooks available online.  


Also click on the yellow button above for some easy at home recipes that require limited ingredients!

Have a recipe that you would like us to add to the website?  Please send to or and we will add it to our recipe list.  Please include photos if you have them!