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How to set up your account

  1. Download and open the app.

  2. If you chose to have the app recognize your location it will                                      connect you to the closest library.

  3. Tap the Start button.

  4. Scan your library card by pressing the camera button to the right of Patron ID OR type in your library card number.

  5. Type in the 4 digit pin associated with your library card.

  6. Now you have an account with MeeScan and can check out books by following the directions below.


How to check out books using your MeeScan app

Use the free mobile app on your phone to check out items anywhere in the library!

  1. Download and open the app.

  2. Tap the Start button.

  3. Tap the + button to start checking out books.

  4. Scan the item’s barcode.
    Align the barcode in the window and hold still. The app will scan the barcode automatically.

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for additional items.

  6. Tap the Finish button.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I have multiple library cards registered under one app?

 Yes.  You can add multiple library cards to one app by pressing the face icon at the lower right corner of the screen.  You can then manual enter additional library card numbers or scan them in.

Q.  Meescan asked for a 4 digit code after I put in my library card number.  Where do I get this code?

The 4 digit code that the app is asking for is the same code that allows you to check your account on line and request items on line.  If you do not have this code or have not set it up, you can reset it by calling the library or by stopping in and speaking to someone at the circulation desk.  

Q. Why can't I scan barcodes?- I can only manual type them in.

Make sure your device is allowing access to your camera.  You can check this by going into your device's settings, scrolling down until you see the MeeScan App, click on it and on it, then allow MeeScan App to access camera . 

Q.  What items can be checked out using  MeeScan?

  All items can be checked out using the app EXCEPT video games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.  Those items must be checked out at the circulation desk.  

Q. Will this app tell me when my books are due?  

The MeeScan app will tell you when your book is due when you confirm your check out.  It will also send a receipt to your email address if you have that feature set up in settings.  After you have confirmed your check out, you will only be able to see how many books are checked out, not the titles or due dates.

Q.  How can I see what items I have checked out and when they are due?

Click on my My Account on the library home page, type in your library card number and 4 digit code to see what items are checked out, when they are due, and if you have renewals left.  

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