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How to become an ESL Tutor

(for prospective tutors)


  • Any adult is welcome to apply to tutor at the Montvale Library's ESL Program. You do not need to be a Montvale resident; however, you may want to check to see if your home library has an ESL program.

  • If you are interested in volunteering to be an ESL tutor please contact Therese Jones, the ESL Coordinator. Therese can be contacted at any time at, or you can visit the library or call (201) 391-5090 at the following hours:   Wednesday: 1-9pm

  • To be a tutor in the Montvale Library's ESL program, you must first complete a mandatory 15 hour tutor training program. Provide Lorissa with your name and telephone number and she will register you for the next training session, subject to availability. Training sessions are held at the Westwood and Paramus Public Libraries, usually in the evenings. Lorissa will give you the pertinent details (location and hours).

  • After you graduate from the 15 hour tutor training program Therese will match you with a student. You will meet with your student for one-on-one instruction once a week at the Montvale Library. Tutoring sessions last about one hour, and the duration of the program is one year (with the possibility of renewal).

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