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ESL Policies


  • QUESTIONS? PROBLEMS? Contact Therese Jones, the ESL Coordinator. Therese can be contacted at any time at, or you can visit the library or call (201) 391-5090 at the following hours:

Wednesday: 10-9

  • STUDENTS WHO DO NOT SHOW UP: If a student can not attend class, he or she should call and inform their tutor or Therese Jones (, the ESL Coordinator. It is preferable to give 24 hours notice, unless it is a family matter or an emergency. Canceling 15 minutes before class or just not showing up is unacceptable and will be noted on the student's record; the same holds true of chronic tardiness. We have a three strike policy; after the third infraction the student will be removed from the program.

  • RESERVING A QUIET STUDY ROOM: The Montvale Library has two quiet study rooms which can be used for tutoring sessions. ESL tutors get priority for these quiet study rooms, but need to reserve in advance. To reserve, tutors should tell the person behind the reference desk that they are a tutor in the library's ESL program, so that the time and date can be noted in the quiet study room log book. The further in advance this is done, the better.

  • TEACHING AIDES: Copies of the Easy English News, a monthly newspaper (excluding June-August), are available. News for You, a weekly newspaper, is also available. The Montvale Library's ESL section contains books, videos and audiobooks, and is currently located behind the Reference Desk. If the Montvale Library does not have what you need, items can be purchased or requested from other libraries. We also have a tape recorder and whiteboard; if you want to use either of these items ask the person behind the Reference Desk.

  • STUDENT/TUTOR RELATIONS: Sometimes things do not work out. Tutor and student may have clashing personality types, different expectations or just not like each other. If this occurs contact Therese Jones  (, the ESL Coordinator. She will make every effort to find another match.

  • ONE-YEAR COMMITMENT: Tutors and students should make a one-year commitment of weekly sessions, consisting of one hour. However: it is the Montvale Library's policy that tutor and student may continue to work together as long as both parties are amenable to doing so. If, after a year, the student wishes to continue and the tutor does not, please contact the ESL Coordinator ( and she will make every effort to find the student another match.

  • ENDING YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE MONTVALE LIBRARY'S ESL PROGRAM: Please contact Therese Jones (, the ESL Coordinator, and tell her that you do not wish to continue.

  • TAKING ON MORE THAN ONE STUDENT: Tutors wanting to work with more than one student, either one-on-one or in a small group setting, should contact the ESL Coordinator ( Since the Montvale Library does have a backlist this is certainly acceptable, but new students need to apply and enter the program through proper channels.

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