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How to become an ESL student

(for prospective students)


  • If you want to apply to the Montvale Library's ESL Program, you should be a Montvale resident with a library card or an employee of a Montvale company with a courtesy library card (proof of employment required). Au pairs to Montvale residents may also apply.

  • You must apply in-person during library hours. The Montvale Library is open the following hours: Monday - Thursday, 10-9; Friday, 10-5 and Saturday, 10-2.  

  • Tell a library employee that you want to apply to the Montvale Library's ESL program.

  • You will be given a white application card, and you must fill out the following information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Date Applied, Time Available, Native Country and Language. The rest of the material is optional.

  • You will be put on our waiting list. At the moment, the Montvale Library does not have enough tutors to meet the demands of potential students, so the average waiting time is between six months and a year.

  • When there is an opening you will be matched with a tutor. You will meet with your tutor for one-on-one instruction once a week.  Tutoring sessions can be done virtually or in person.  Tutoring sessions last about one hour, and the duration of the program is one year (with the possibility of renewal).

  • If you have questions, please contact Therese Jones, the ESL Coordinator. Therese can be contacted at any time at, or you can visit the library or call (201) 391-5090 at the following hours:  Wednesday: 10-2

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