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Code of Conduct

The Montvale Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted a Library Code of Conduct to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all library customers. This policy is intended to provide clear and reasonable rules to guide customer behavior while in the library and on library premises.

The Board subscribes to Article VI of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, which states that “library facilities should be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals requesting their use.”

Unacceptable behavior includes actions in the library or on library premises that interfere with the use of the library by others, creates a risk of injury to oneself or others, inhibits the work of library staff, disrupts the peaceful environment of the library or creates a risk of damage to library, personal or staff property.

For those reasons the Library Code of Conduct is to be observed by everyone in the building or on library premises.

Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any activity that constitutes a violation of federal, state or local criminal statutes or ordinances.

  • Damage, defacement, or theft of any library property or material, or any personal property or material.

  • Any activity that is perceived as abusive or threatening to other patrons or members of the staff.

  • Use of profanity, abusive or threatening language or threatening gestures, or bullying.

  • Unreasonable noise levels including shouting, loud talking or disruptive conversation, uncontrolled or repeated ringing of cell phones, and loud cell phone conversations.

  • Engaging in any sexual activity and/or any acts of lewdness or exposure prohibited by N.J.S.A. 2C: 14-1 through 2C: 14-8 or any other physical contact or sexual activity which is inappropriate in a public place.

  • Use of Library or personal computers or other media to display materials that are explicitly violent, obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors.

  • Not wearing proper attire including shoes /other footwear and shirts.

  • Bringing an animal on the the premises other than dogs recognized as service animals under Titles I and II of the ADA. Service animals must be housebroken and kept under control by their handler.

  • Prolonged sleeping that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the library by others. 

  • Engaging in disruptive conversation or conduct or unruly behavior. Patrons shall not use electronic equipment (including cell phones) so that others can hear it, by singing or talking loudly to others or in monologues, or by behaving in a manner which can be reasonably expected to disturb others.




The Montvale Public Library Board of Trustees authorizes library staff to suspend the library privileges for those whose behavior prevents or interferes with the effective use of the library by others. Violation of these rules may be cause for a temporary or permanent prohibition from future use of library facilities.

Anyone unable or unwilling to abide by the Library Code of Conduct may be required to leave.


Any person who repeatedly violates these rules, or any person who commits a single, serious violation of the rules, in addition to being required to leave the library, may not be allowed to return into the library, and if allowed such right may be conditioned upon their agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Anyone whose privileges have been revoked may have the decision reviewed by the Director. Further appeals may be taken, upon prior written request, to the Library Board of Trustees.

Library employees may contact the Montvale Police Department if deemed advisable.  Any conduct violating federal, state or local laws, or creating a safety threat, could have legal repercussions. 


Adopted by the Montvale Public Library Board of Trustees

Dated:       Sept. 22, 2022     

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