Code of Conduct


Show respect for your fellow library patrons, the library staff, and the Library itself.

       This is simply common courtesy.  The Library is a shared facility and should be treated as such.


Turn your cell phone off.

       No noise is good noise.  There are plenty of places outside the Library where cell phones may be used, and you will get a strong signal to boot.


Except for clear plastic water bottles containing water only, no food or drink may be brought into the Library.  Water bottles are NOT permitted in the immediate vicinity of any of the Library's PCs.

       Food and beverages are the natural enemy of books, periodicals, and computers—the very things that people come to the Library to use.


Park your rollerblades, bicycle, skateboard, etc. outside.

       Bringing them inside is an open invitation to use them inside, which is a pretty obvious no-no.


Internet use is a privilege, not a right.  Do not abuse that privilege.

       Keep it clean; you know what we mean.  (Would your mother want to know what sites you visit?)


Using the printer?  Chip in to help pay for printer supplies.

       Paper and toner are not cheap.  We’re paying for the toner.  Be a good sport and pay for the paper.


Parents/Guardians:  YOU are responsible for how and when your children use the Internet.

       The library staff is not responsible for the materials-- including those available on the Internet--that your child chooses to use.  You, as parent or caregiver, are the one responsible.


At all times, every child under the age of 10 must be within conversational distance of a parent/caregiver, who is responsible for ensuring that the child learns and uses appropriate behavior while in the Library or at library programs.

       Kids are wonderful, and we love having them in the Library!  It will provide them with a lifetime of learning opportunities.

        Why “within conversational distance”?  The Library is a public facility, and the staff has no control over who may enter or leave.  Anyone—including people who might not have your child’s best interests in mind—may visit the Library.

        “Appropriate behavior” means behavior that does not endanger either the child or others, that respects others’ rights, and that does not abuse either the Library facility or its materials and collections.  Just as an example:  removing all the books from the stacks is easy to do, but is not acceptable behavior.  Similarly, using the stacks as a jungle gym is equally unacceptable.  The best way to teach your child good library behavior is for you to set a good example and to show your child what’s O.K. and what’s not.

        Please also note:  No unattended child may be left at the municipal complex after closing time, because the building must be empty and locked and there is no secure waiting area outside.


Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s selection and checkout of materials.

       This is based on the same principle as being responsible for your child’s use of the Internet.  Also, parents/guardians are financially responsible for all materials checked out by their children.

Any activity or conduct that is in violation of federal, state, or local laws is strictly prohibited on library premises.

       No explanation necessary.   


 Approved by The Montvale Free Public Library Board of Trustees
Revised:  3/22/2007