Early Literacy Program
Summer reading program for children up to and including Kindergarten 
What is the Early Literacy Reading Program? 
It is a program that encourages even our youngest library visitors to become
good listeners and to love books and story time. 
For every 10 books that your little ones listen to- they get a prize! 
If your soon to be Kindergartner is already reading,
they would still participate in this group
and would get credit for the books they read as well as book that are read to them. 

Guidelines for the Early Literacy Summer Reading Program

-Registration starts on June 17th.

-When you register, you will receive a packet where you can record all the books you read with your child. 

-Families will also receive an activities sheet with stickers.  For every 5 activities completed, you will receive an extra raffle ticket.  

-Books may be listed from Monday, July 1st—Friday, August 16th. 

-When you have listed 10 books, bring in your list to the children's department.


-Your child will receive a prize for every ten books that he/she listen to. Each child can receive a max of 5 prizes.  After all prizes have been received, you will receive a raffle ticket for our raffle.  

-The last day to start a list is August 12th. 

-The last day to add books and claim prizes is August 16th.  

There will be three raffles held during the summer for each Summer Reading Group- Early Literacy, Readers, and Young Adult Readers.  A winner form each group will be announced on July 19th, August 9th, and August 23rd. All raffle tickets will be saved and added to our Grand Raffle which will be announced on August 30th.  Winners do not have to be present.  They will be notified by phone.