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Share a Book and a Rainbow Challenge

These past months, the rainbow has

become a symbol of hope amidst the

unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. 

Images of rainbows are sprouting up in

windows of homes and storefronts within

neighborhoods around the world

reminding us that we must get through the storm to see the rainbow. Men, women and children began searching and discovering rainbows throughout neighborhoods.


Montvale Public Library, in an effort to join in this movement of spreading hope, is launching a Share a Book and a Rainbow Challenge.  With the 30 days to Slow the Spread, reading has become a port in the storm bringing comfort and distraction for many. In light of this, Montvale Public Library has increased accessibility to a wide range of electronic resources through our website for our patrons- young and old alike. 


With the Share a Book and a Rainbow Challenge, we would like to know what book(s) is getting you through these trying times and ask you to post on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #SHAREABOOKANDARAINBOW account with a rainbow of your making, sharing with our community that together we are finding our rainbow.

Red Yellow Blue Rainbow Sympathy
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