Summer Reading Program

for Readers
Program for students going into 1st through 4th grade.

What is the summer reading challenge/program?  It is a way to support students with growing minds to read for fun during the summer months.  

We give prizes and incentives to encourage their love of learning and books all year round.  
The Montvale Public Library is joining forces with Memorial School to bring you a fun new way to get excited about reading and earn prizes!  

Complete the Summer Reading Challenge by completing 10 activities from the list (you can complete them all for more raffle tickets/prizes. 

Earn more prizes and raffling tickets by continuing to read and keeping track of the

title, author, and number of pages.  

Guidelines for the Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Challenge

-Registration starts on June 17th.

-When you register, you will be given a Summer Reading Challenge Form. 


-Students can start completing challenges right away but prizes/raffle tickets will not be given out until July 1st. 


-Students will receive 1 prize and 1 raffle ticket for every 5 activities completed. 

-To complete the challenge, 10 activities must be completed by August 16th, and the sheet must be handed in to a library staff member. 

 -After completing the challenge, students can then continue earning prizes/ raffle tickets by participating in the Summer Reading Program (Free Read).  

-Reading logs will be shared with Mrs. Westervelt at Memorial School.  Participants will receive a school reading certificate in September. 

-Student who do not attend Memorial School can still participate in the challenge.  

Summer Reading (Free Read)

Read whatever you want 

-Registration starts on June 17th.

-Students should read books that are not too easy and not too hard.  Visit our recommended reading lists web page.


-Student's can start a reading journal on July 1st.   

1 book = 1 point

5 points = prize + raffle ticket


-Complete a book that is 300pgs or more = 2 points


-ALWAYS write down # of pages

-Do not write a book title down in your reading journal until you have completed it.  

-Max # of prizes each student can receive is 5

-Raffle tickets can be earned till the end of the program.  

Students can also earn raffle tickets by checking out 5 items from the children's / young adult dept. ex.:

books, movies, video games, audio books, magazines, and CDs.

There will be three raffles held during the summer for each Summer Reading Group- Early Literacy, Readers, and Young Adult Readers.  A winner from each group will be announced on July 19th, August 9th, and August 23rd. All raffle tickets will be saved and added to our Grand Raffle which will be announced on August 30th.  Winners do not have to be present.  They will be notified by phone.