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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Summer Reading Program.  Please look for information about our Fall/Winter Reading programs for more activities and prizes!

Guidelines for the Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

for Readers
Program for students going into 1st through 4th grade.

-Registration starts on June 22nd.

-Registration will take place via the ReadSquared app, ReadSquared website, or by email.  

-Click here to go directly to the ReadSquared Website-

-Books may be listed from Monday, June 22nd—Monday, August 31st.


-Points towards prizes can also be earned for reading books, completing challenges, activities, and attending virtual programs and story times.  


-Different from prior years, this summer we will be giving all prizes after the last day of the program in a prize package.  So, if you have earned 4 badges, you will receive 4  prizes in your prize package at the end of the summer.  These prizes will be ready for pick Thursday, September 3rd.  


-Stop by the Display Case in the hall way before the library entrance to see some of the prizes that will be given out at the end of the summer.


What is the summer reading challenge/program?


 It is a way to support students with growing minds to read for fun during the summer months.  

We give prizes and incentives to encourage their love

of learning and books all year round.  

The Montvale Public Library is joining forces with Memorial School to bring you a fun new way to get excited about reading during the summer. 

Complete the Summer Reading Challenge by completing 10 activities from the list 


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