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The DVD/blu-ray Area

Looking for a dvd or a blu-ray?  As you face the Circulation Desk, the dvds and blu-rays are in the area immediately to the right,
along with our adult CD collection.

If you'd like to browse this year's purchases, just look at the first complete shelving section of the area. 

Older titles start in the second shelving section and continue to the end.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Library is not responsible for any damage to your DVD/blu-ray player alleged to have been caused by
a Montvale Library DVD/blu-ray disc.

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't...."

The Library uses the Dewey Decimal System to arrange its dvds and blu-rays.  For example, books about Hollywood movies are located in 791.43; dvds and blu-rays of Hollywood movies, then, would also be labeled 791.43.

Some frequently used categories for movies are:

Hollywood movies
Films from England
Films from Germany
Films from France
Films from Italy
Films from Spain
Films from India
Films from China
Films from Japan

Television programs are found in 791.45.

Sports would have a number starting with 796, 797, 798, or 799--depending on the sport.

Travel would have a number starting with 91-.  Travel to Switzerland, for example, would have the Dewey number 914.94--whether a book or a dvd or a blu-ray.  Japan, 915.2.

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