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Boys and girls!  Please check out this website that we talked about at our last meeting when we learned about Rene Magritte.

The Art Club with Artist Peri meets on the third Thursday of every month at 4:30pm. 
No experience is necessary and new members are always welcome.
Each month we learn about a new artist and new styles of art. 
This program is for children in 2nd grade and up.  Registration is required. 

What we've done in the past...

Salividor Dali - Look to your dreams

Frida Kahlo

Vincent Van Gogh

Manga- Japanese Animation

Learning to Draw Harry Potter - Learning the Grid System
Look to Your Dreams - Drawing like Salvador Dali

Rock Painting

Picasso - The Blue Period

Sculpting - Michelangelo

" City Lights, Day and Night"(
artist Camille Pissaro) - using oil pastels and water color paints.

Art websites for kids recommended by Artist Peri

Sketch Swap

In Sketch Swap, you draw something on the screen, and when you're finished,
 hit "Submit drawing"... to receive a random drawing from someone else.
Sketch Swap was inspired by Markus Renschler's FileSwap.
The site approve every single sketch submitted before it can be received by others.


National Gallery of Art Home Page

Inside Art
Explore a painting as an art historian would. This interactive Web
site takes you on an adventure into a painting. You will be asked
to answer some key questions so that you can return to the
museum and begin your adventure again.

Harcourt Art Center

Tate Kids

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