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  Paying for Lost Books, etc.

Sorry, but according to Library policy established
by the Board of Trustees, we do NOT accept
a purchased copy in lieu of payment.

If the price of an item is not listed in the item record,
the Montvale Library charges the unit price as listed below.

Cash or check payments for lost materials will be refunded
if the items are returned within thirty (30) days of the payment date.

Credit card payments (on-line only; program begins sometime in 2018)
will not be refunded, even if the items are subsequently returned.

Payment for an item belonging to another library
be by a check made out to the owning library.

If the Montvale Library reimburses another library for material
borrowed by or for a Montvale cardholder and not returned by the
cardholder, that cardholder is responsible for the entire reimbursement cost
even if the cardholder finally returns the lost material.

Adult Two-Week Fiction
Adult/YA Fiction
Adult/YA Nonfiction
Children's Board Book
Children's Easy Reader
Children's Fiction
Children's Holiday Book
Children's Nonfiction
Children's Picture Book
Children's Readalong
Compact Disc
Trade Paperback
Unabridged Book on Compact Disc

***If you lose one (or more) dvds from a set containing two (or more) dvds,
you must pay for the entire set.

Last modified November 17, 2017

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