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  Montvale History: Bibliography of Sources

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References to Montvale, then Washington, on p. 235-244.

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The division of Lot 35 �Pascack Woods� is described in chapter 14.

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There are a few scattered references to the Pascack Valley area.

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Reference to Montvale on pages 381-382, volume 1.

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The Pascack Valley Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, Relics.  Some articles were republished in Pascack Valley Tales.


New Jersey State Census.
Photocopies of the 1895,1905, and 1915 schedules for Montvale are available at the reference desk.

U.S. Bureau of the Census.
Photocopies of the 1900, 1910, and 1920 schedules for Montvale are available at the reference desk.  The Johnson Public Library in Hackensack has additional years on microfilm.

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