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Information Resources:

  The Montvale Free Public Library comprises a variety of information resources to help the community in its pursuit of learning, research, intellectual growth, personal improvement and enjoyment of leisure time.  There are a variety of media that provide these resources.  These include traditional printed materials as well as non-print materials such as our audiotape and videotape collections, and live programs and discussion groups.  Also included is the rapidly growing area of electronic resources, as typified by the electronic catalog, the BCCLS systems and access to the Internet.  Together these magnify the practical reach of library users to global levels.

Access to Resources:

  Every library patron has full and free access to all library resources.  The library staff is available to help patrons to use these efficiently and purposefully, but will not monitor materials used or information accessed.

  The library board and staff recognize that not all material that is available is appropriate for all users, such as young patrons.  However, the library staff cannot be the arbiters of appropriateness for particular categories of users.  This means that restriction of a child's use of Internet materials, or any other library materials, is the responsibility of the child's parent or guardian.

Shared Resources:

  The Internet-access computers are located in a public area and are a shared resource.  The Library requests that patrons respect the rights of others.  These PCs are intended primarily for research and providing access to web-based information, and secondarily for other uses such as email, chat rooms, and entertainment (games).

  For this reason the Library reserves the right, based on aggregate demand, to restrict which PCs may be used for non-research purposes such as email, chat rooms and games, and to terminate any Internet session being so used whenever a PC may be needed for legitimate research purposes.  In addition, the Library reserves the right to limit use of computer peripherals such as printers so that all users may have access to these resources.

  Last, the Library also reserves the right to limit the time for any Internet session, regardless of purpose, when other patrons are waiting to use the PC.

(Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on 4/26/2001)

Last modified June 30, 2017

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